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Vibration Business Development

The Elevated Approach.

Climbing a Ladder

What does Vibration Digital Media's business development division do?



We provide exclusive sales appointments custom tailored to your company that your sales representatives can bank on.  We've been doing this long enough to know what works and what doesn't. 

Need High Volume? Our team is well staffed and highly qualified to handle the largest of sales teams and the most intensive task.

Our unprecedented replacement guarantee protects our word to you, as well as your investment.

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How do we do it?

We simply have more data and quality training.

Not only do we own all of our own data.   We simply have more scrubbed numbers to dial than any other company out there.  That means more customers reached in your name than your competition.

We also have a proprietary training program for our phone representatives.  ALL OF OUR AGENTS ARE USA BASED because quality is important to us and our clients. 


Each one of our representatives is taken through an intensive 3 month training program to guarantee the quality of our product.  We do not hire off the street, every agent is hand selected out of a group of pre-qualified applicants.  We then invest an immense amount of time and financial resources to cultivate true marketing executives. 


Backed by the experience and resources of our parent company Anderson Global Ventures. 

Experience, plays a huge role when it comes to the quality of a product.  Our executive team has over 60 combined years of marketing and sales experience with our CEO having built up, owned, and operated two high 8/9-figure businesses in the marketing industry.

So how have we performed?

  • HVAC company in Tampa Bay increased customer base with 7,000 new customers for an added $4M in gross sales
  • HVAC start up brought in $3M first year sales. Second year increased gross sales to $7M
  • First year roofing company gave sales department 80 appointments per day and produced $800K/MO sales.
  • First year for construction company produced 50+ appointments per day producing $1.5M /Mo in sales.
  • Storm damage sales of over $18M from appointments set during Hurricane Irma
  • Storm damage sales of $16M in four month appointment setting from Hurricane Michael.
  • Solar Company increased sales from$800K/mo to $3M+/mo on 250 appointments a week.
These are just to name a few of our stats. What can we do for you?
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Vibration Business Development

The Elevated Approach.

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